Well here it is, the last wedding of the summer, and what a great one it was. I was so happy to end the season with the amazing Tim + Jada. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your fantastic wedding day!

Tim + Jada were married in Russell, on a blustery but warm summers day. They shared the occasion with family and friends and a super cool Bridal party! Thanks for being superstars.

Enjoy your peek of images… there were just so many to choose from and I hope you love them.

X Alley

Tim & Jada 2
Tim & Jada 3
Tim & Jada 4
Tim & Jada 5
Tim & Jada 6
Tim & Jada 7
Tim & Jada 8
Tim & Jada 9
Tim & Jada 10
Tim & Jada 11
Tim & Jada 12
Tim & Jada 13
Tim & Jada 14

Kelly + Aaron were married a few weeks ago in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Kelly had planned the day amazingly well and the gorgeous sunshine put the finishing touch on a really special day.

They spent their evening drinking and being merry with friends and family, and I must say they were a pretty fun bunch to be around!

Thanks for letting me take part in your fabulous day!

X Alley

Kelly + Aaron 2
Kelly + Aaron 3
Kelly + Aaron 4

Kelly + Aaron 5
Kelly + Aaron 6
Kelly + Aaron 7
Kelly + Aaron 8
Kelly + Aaron 9
Kelly + Aaron 10
Kelly + Aaron 11
Kelly + Aaron 12
Kelly + Aaron 13
Kelly + Aaron 14
Kelly + Aaron 15
Kelly + Aaron 16
Kelly + Aaron 17
Kelly + Aaron 18

A super quick sneak peek for these two wonderful people. Koreen + Reuben have known each other since they were knee high, and it showed. They had so much fun together and were so easy to photograph. I have a pile of images of them just laughing and showing real emotion, I love these shots, the ones that aren’t set up or posed. The ones where they are just being themselves…

Thanks for letting me take part in your amazing wedding day. Enjoy the sneaky look, your images will be in the post later this week

xxx Alley

koreen and reuben 1
koreen and reuben 2

koreen and reuben3
koreen and reuben 4
koreen and reuben 5

Just over 3 weeks ago, the lovely Rebekah + Sam were married in Waimate north, in the Bay of Islands. The day was perfect, not too hot, and a great amount of cloud for taking some great photos.

This group were such a joy to photograph – Sam + Rebekah had decided to have their Bridal Party shoot before the ceremony which made things easy, and stress free!

Congrats on creating an amazing evening for all involved, and thank you for letting me take part in your fabulous day.

Venues: Ceremony – Waitmate Church / Reception – Ake Ake Vineyard.

X { Alley }

Sam + Rebekah1
Sam + Rebekah2
Sam + Rebekah3
Sam + Rebekah4
Sam + Rebekah5
Sam + Rebekah6
Sam + Rebekah7
Sam + Rebekah8
Sam + Rebekah9
Sam + Rebekah10