Bryce + Natalie

My last wedding of the summer was for the amazing Bryce and Natalie.

These two were so relaxed, so loving and soooo easy to work with.

Their ceremony was on the Tutukaka coast, with a reception back in Whangarei at Toll Stadium. Things were planned perfectly and I was honoured to be part of their awesome wedding day!

Here is a little sneak peek… your images should be arriving in the post tomorrow! Enjoy!

x Alley

Nat + Bryce2
Nat + Bryce3
Nat + Bryce4
Nat + Bryce5
Nat + Bryce6
Nat + Bryce7
Nat + Bryce8
Nat + Bryce9
Nat + Bryce10
Nat + Bryce11
Nat + Bryce12
Nat + Bryce13
Nat + Bryce14
Nat + Bryce15

Ricky + Kellie

Ricky and Kellie are now off in some far away land, jet setting around the world, having a fabulous time on an extended honeymoon… while I have been working seriously hard trying to get through their mountain of amazing images!

These two are just the sweetest thing and were such a pleasure to photograph. Their day was meticulously planned and went off without a worry. Thank you for letting us be part of your fantastic celebration!

Enjoy your images, and take care out there!

x Alley

Kellie + Ricky 2
Kellie + Ricky 3
Kellie + Ricky 4
Kellie + Ricky 5
Kellie + Ricky 6
Kellie + Ricky 7
Kellie + Ricky 8
Kellie + Ricky 9
Kellie + Ricky 10
Kellie + Ricky 11
Kellie + Ricky 12
Kellie + Ricky 13
Kellie + Ricky 14
Kellie + Ricky 15
Kellie + Ricky 16
Kellie + Ricky 17
Kellie + Ricky 18
Kellie + Ricky 19
Kellie + Ricky 20
Kellie + Ricky 21
Kellie + Ricky 22


Dean + Kelly

This was a wedding to remember. The people, the detail, the weather… everything was perfect.

I started the day with the lads, who were a great bunch of boys – thanks for being awesome, then headed to the house where the ladies were getting ready – equally amazing set of ladies, thank you for all of your help!

The details were gorgeous at this wedding. All of the flowers were done by one of the amazing bridesmaids, Sandy, who is not even a florist! Well done Sandy the flowers were immaculate, maybe you should consider a career change?

The day was organised perfectly, with a ceremony for family and friends on a beautiful old property over looking a valley of farmland. The reception that followed was full of small details and handmade items to make things unique.

Thank you for including me in your fabulous wedding day, I wish you luck and love for the future together

{ x Alley }

Dean + Kelly2
Dean + Kelly3
Dean + Kelly4
Dean + Kelly5
Dean + Kelly6
Dean + Kelly7
Dean + Kelly8
Dean + Kelly9
Dean + Kelly10
Dean + Kelly11
Dean + Kelly12
Dean + Kelly13
Dean + Kelly14



Liam + Rochelle

Liam + Rochelle have been together for 12 years. These two were super cute, totally in love and obviously best friends. This was one wedding and group of people I will remember for along time.

They shared their wedding day with with family and friends at the wonderful Ake Ake in Kerikeri. A great vineyard for ceremonies and receptions in the Bay of Islands. The first images are of their ‘first look’ at each other. They had their Bridal Party photos taken before their ceremony, so this is our way of still letting the couple have a special moment together when they see each other for the first time.

Thank you for being such a great bunch, organising such a fabulous day and I wish you all the best for your future together.

Enjoy your images, your package is in the mail!

x Alley

Liam + Roch 2
Liam + Roch3
Liam + Roch4
Liam + Roch5
Liam + Roch6
Liam + Roch7
Liam + Roch8

Aaron + Kate

When I woke up this particular Saturday it was overcast, with rain threatening. I was worried.. I packed the umbrellas into the car with a load of towels and hoped for the best for this cute couple!

Turns out it was the hottest day of the summer and forgetting my sunblock meant by the end of the day I was roasted! But it was worth it. This wedding was gorgeous. Amazing details, great people – things couldn’t have been better.

Thanks to the bridal party for having a great sense of humour and keeping the hot day fun! You were champs.

Kate + Aaron – wishing you all the best for your bright future together! Big love.

Enjoy your sneak peek xxx

Kate + Aaron 2
Kate + Aaron 3
Kate + Aaron 4
Kate + Aaron 5
Kate + Aaron 6
Kate + Aaron 7
Kate + Aaron 8
Kate + Aaron 9
Kate + Aaron 10
Kate + Aaron 11
Kate + Aaron 12
Kate + Aaron 13
Kate + Aaron 14
Kate + Aaron 15
Kate + Aaron 16